The Event App

Our client - Human Resources department of one of the Top 10 Fortune 100 companies specializing in telecommunications. The department is in charge of its 250,000+ employees, who work for multiple subsidiaries - from all of the HR related work through talent development to conference organization.


The employees who were in charge of the conferences were not satisfied with their current mobile application that was used at the conferences - it was expensive and did not satisfy all of their needs. After researching the market, HR Technology Consultants could not find the right kind of software to accommodate all of their needs - the market is not offering as advanced and customizable technology as they needed.


After 4 months of development, Acaisoft was able to build a fully featured real-time conference app supporting up to 100,000 concurrent users. The features of the app included, but were not limited to conference agenda (with the ability to sign up for elective session), speakers profile with his or her materials, chats, forums, ‘twitter like’ social stream, gamification module, live polls, live Q&A module, live queues, and elective agenda sessions. On top of that, the application included the privatization of all of the elements of the app based on user groups and full internationalization based on the client provided dictionary.



The application has been in use since April 2018, has hosted over 50 events in 3 different languages and obtained a database of over 15,000 users. It is actively used throughout the year and is still maintained and developed by Acaisoft.