QA Bottleneck

Startup providing mobile application to help users to organize their finances. We worked together developing the solution which enables users to gather their invoices in one place and pay them through the application as well as quickly switch to the different service provider based on price and quality comparison.


Quality Assurance was a bottleneck in the project - testing of the mobile (iOS, Android) and web applications took too much time so the feedback for developers was late and as a result, it improved the whole development time and new version deployments.


We prepared several solutions for that problem. First of all, we have implemented the tools for manual tests management. Secondly, together with DevOps team we introduced Continuous Integration. Then we prepared some recommendations for test automation - automation plan and frameworks for every level of test automation. Last but not least we suggested some improvements for workflow (in cooperation with Project Manager).

QA feedback


Taking into account all the improvements we have implemented, developers received feedback approximately 50% faster. Almost all of the tasks were tested during the current sprint.