Our company has been delivering high quality software services based on Cloud Platform for 5 years, acquiring many satisfied clients.

Acai Cloud Platform is the integration of reliable architectural patterns, best cloud practices and highly-qualified teams of DevOps and QA into a single, license free, tool chain for automated, streamlined and fast software delivery. Available with several implementations adapted for our clients’ preferences.

Acai Cloud Platform

Benefit from open source technology regardless of the size of your company.

Acai Cloud Platform

Acai Cloud Stack

The robust cloud-native tech stack based on proven serverless architecture, suitable for future proof MVPs & enterprise apps. All services are hosted in a cloud, which can be automatically scalable regardless of the amount of the server throughput. The scalability is an automated process of enlarging the server’s capabilities in order for the server to be able to handle greater bandwidth. Being serverless implies less infrastructural work, therefore the developers can focus on the programming itself.


The complete strategy and framework for QA tests and monitoring integrated with the development process. Handling the management of load tests can be performed either by connecting the app with a repository of Robust tests (the app then creates automated tests based on the imported files) or via the intuitive UI for the creation and edition of tests. Regardless of the choice, Bolt enables running load tests as well as scheduling them. It manages several projects, keeping the history of test runs in each and displaying it in the form of comprehensible charts.


Our team of DevOps experts maintaining Development and Operations practices. Thanks to them, all environments are ready on the second day after the project started. Their main focus is automating the processes of Continuous Integration, Deployment and Promotion, as well as creating monitoring and alerts for processes and environments. Each project has a dedicated DevOps consultant, yet they also work together, sharing knowledge and best practices, in order to improve workflow approach.

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